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Well hello there!

January 24, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

I have decided to create this blog out of sheer frustration of not ever seeing what  I want around the internet. Something that’s not all fantasy schtick, and actually can hopefully be something other people can relate to. I’m hoping to include reviews, stories of my days and other things that have to do with kinks and mostly ABDL, in as refreshing way as I can muster!

So who am I… well, I am a girl in my 20s. I realized I liked diapers in a different way when I was really young and found out that that it was actually a fetish when I was a teen. I’ve been indulging in one way or another ever since. My significant other is also an ABDL… we met online a few years ago and live together. I have a bunch of other kinks, namely spanking but for some reason,  I always land back at Square 1. Diapers. Ageplay. Big hysterical baby clothes that would probably make me die laughing if I didn’t find them so damn cute.

I’ve always strongly preferred the AB role when it comes to what I like in ABDL. JP as I shall call my better half, usually assumes the caretaker role. But I enjoy other aspects too. Sometimes it’s just about the diapers and I don’t really care about ageplay at all. I happen to really enjoy diaper humiliation… giving it, that is. >:)

That’s about as good of intro as I can get right now. But I have a lot of opinions so expect to hear them!